Best #1 liapela doona car seat stroller 2021

Liapela Doona Car Seat Stroller

liapela doona car seat stroller combo was designed to provide parents a safe and practical solution for their baby, both in and outside of the car. It is the world’s first infant car seat and stroller in one

providing a complete and fully integrated travel system, allowing you to move from car seat to stroller in seconds.

The latest collection makes a bold and on-trend statement with six vivid colors,

an updated all-black inner seat cover and a sleek charcoal aluminium frame.

This collection answers the needs of fashion-conscious families.

What’s Included:

• Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller

• Liapela Doona LATCH Base

• Amazing Doona Infant Insert

• Doona Head Support

• Best Doona Vehicle Seat Protector

From Car Seat to Stroller in Seconds

In one simple motion, transform your Doona Stroller into a car seat in seconds.

Our products go through strict internal and external tests and examinations to ensure their safety.

All mandatory certification is conducted, to assure the highest levels of safety.

Doona, with its unique hybrid functionality, has been tested to meet the strictest US standards for Car-Seats,

Strollers and Hand-Held Carriers.

Baby safe materials

All materials used in our products are free of hazardous chemicals

and are carefully tested and approved under the strictest European standards and the REACH regulation, including SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern).

The textiles are tested for their durability and quality to assure the safety and continuous use of the products.

In addition, they are all breathable, removable, and washable textiles.

Side Impact Protection

The unique double-wall structure of Doona enables the folding of the wheels into the body and offers a significant safety benefit.

The two layers of durable, impact-absorbing plastic, along with additional layers of EPS, foam, and textiles provide enhanced side-impact protection.

Anti-Rebound Protection

Unlike typical car seats, Doona’s unique structure enables positioning the handle against the back of the car seat,

thus providing the baby with exceptional Anti-Rebound protection.

In case of collision, the Anti-Rebound handle absorbs the impact and prevents the Doona from rotating quickly towards the back of the seat,

thus dramatically reducing rebound injuries.

Liapela doona car seat stroller is easy to use

If you’re looking for something that isn’t too heavy,

Liapela Doona Car Seat Stroller

this may not fit the bill – but for good reason; it is, after all, a car seat AND stroller in one.

But for the two-in-one functionality, and weighing in at 14.5 lbs., it is TOTALLY light.

It is so easy to convert back and forth from stroller to car seat and maneuvers really well.

My husband was shocked at how easy it is to use.

We also love that it is FAA approved, as we plan on traveling a lot with our baby and reduces the need for a separate stroller and separate car seat.

Hoping this baby lasts us a while so we don’t have to change to another stroller too soon!

We did purchase some of the accessories, which fit well and are easy to use.

We also got some other off-brand accessories – like a cup holder, fan, etc. that clip on, since this stroller doesn’t have it.

Will update this review once we actually use it with our little man – but so far, we are impressed!

● I love this liapela Doona car seat stroller portability

I absolutely love the doona.

It’s not the biggest car seat but it’s definitely very portable and easy to use for one person.

But be aware that the car seat is very heavy with a baby in it and would be hard to have to lift if you are driving a higher car.

There is also no storage so it’s a good idea to get some stroller clips

No storage
Not good on unlevel surfaces
Might be too low for tall people

Easy to use
Great for going out for a short ride or if you are by yourself.

The pros and cons of the car seat is that it’s slim.

If you have a long baby it’s easy to grow out fast but if you have a wider baby the car seat might not be as comfortable as it’s pretty snug.

I love that I can just go out grocery shopping or for a quick trip to the park and not have to deal with bulky strollers.

I can just pop down the wheels and go by myself. 

● liapela Doona Car Seat Stroller Best thing ever invented

I absolutely love this car seat.

Back then this was never a thing and I was so intrigued with my child I just had in 2020.

This thing is still light but awesome that it is a two in one it relieves

the stress of having to take a baby out putting in a separate stroller and then having to do all that again and putting everything away.

Yes the accessories are kind of pricey

if you want to buy them separate but the newborn inserts and a seat protector are included when you buy this.

I would definitely recommend if you were going to reuse this for your next child

because it is a steep price. But it is definitely worth it. 

Is the Doona stroller worth it?

So convenient, worth every penny.

Yes it’s heavy, but so are all the baby carriers.

It’s worth a little extra muscle power to have the benefit of rolling around 98% of the time.

I found the base much more secure then the other carseats we’ve tried due to it’s unique design.

There may be a bit of a learning curve , just expand and collapse it a few times before attempting to use it.

Also there are plenty of videos online

My favorite part about having this carseat stroller is that

I can very quickly have a free hand to keep big sister close so I don’t have to choose which child to hold onto in public.

When there is enough space and time the handle bar can be low enough for big sister to push baby around at the perfect height

● How long can baby use Doona stroller?

maximum for a few month may be up to 1 year..

it depends how fast your baby is growing.

for newborn and a the first few month its perfect.

we are very happy to have that.

but after a while its getting uncomfortable for the baby.

● Is the Doona stroller safe?

Love the safety feature the most! Yes it’s “trendy” and expensive.

But when we were able to the leave hospital, that was my first time actually getting a closer look at it.

The car seat has to be approved the day of being discharged.

The discharge nurse who approves the car seat and base, etc.

Was so awesome and helped me better understand the safety features.

The neck supper and shoulder strap is by far the safest! Her 6lbs 13 ounces was safe and secured.

I can’t rave enough how safe the features are.

The nurse also educated me on other safety features of the car seat, such as its handle. Just in awe of the car seat

● Is the Doona good for long walks ?

These liyapela Doona car seat stroller are the best baby invention of the last decade.

Incredibly easy and convenient.

Going to the doctor, dinner, shopping : etc.
Not great for long walks, you’ll want a real stroller for that.

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