What is the best Graco double stroller?

The Graco Double Stroller Modes Element Travel System is the 3-in-1 stroller with room for all of baby’s essentials. It converts from Infant Car Seat Carrier to Infant Stroller to Toddler Stroller for a versatile ride from infant to toddler. For even more riding options, baby can ride parent-facing or forward-facing thanks to a reversible stroller seat. The travel system includes the Graco SnugRide 35 Lite LX Infant Car Seat, rear-facing from 4-35 lb, for seamless transition from car to stroller. With Modes Element Travel System,you can take your necessities with you — a parent’s tray with cup holders and removable child’s tray with cup holders keep drinks and snacks at hand. A large storage basket holds child and parent essentials so you can stroll with everything you need. And whether you’re traveling or home for the day, a self-standing stroller fold ensures easy storage.

The instruction books are easy to follow and have good step by step photos. They cover every detail.

The stroller and car seat look modern and the colors are nice. 

I am impressed how versatile the stroller is and how easy it is to change from one to another. When baby is small I can keep the baby in the car seat and not have the stroller seat on the stroller which will keep the stroller lighter. I like the bassinet feature so baby can sleep laying down safer when we go places. I am also excited that there are multiple ways to have baby facing me while on walks. This is one feature I have been wanting most of a stroller. Changing the stroller seat around is very simple, it clicks in place easily and is light weight. It would be nice if there was a way to store the stroller seat easier. It’s doesn’t have anything to make it stay folded up

The wheels are a nice size and maneuver very easily on smooth ground. The front wheels turn 360. You can push the stroller with one hand and it is very easy to guide. The stroller is pretty easy to push in grass.

1. What is the best light weight double stroller\

This is a great stroller! Super sturdy and great quality. It’s lighter than my previous stroller, and is a smoother stroller when pushing it. I can tell the fabric is higher quality and doesn’t feel cheap. I like the versatility of being able to switch the car seat in and out with the toddler seat. The infant seat is actually light in weight as well, not flimsy. 

Is the toddler tray removable? Can I use the seat without tray

The toddler tray is removable and you can use the seat without the tray, you’ll want to ensure your little one is safely harnessed in.

How tall are the wheels on the stroller and are they the hard plastic / rubberized?

The Modes Element LX front wheel is around 6.5 inches and the rear wheels is around 7.5 inches and they are hard plastic. 

(C) does this have a 5-point harness?

The Modes Pramette Travel System has a 5-point harness

Do you need an additional insert for newborn head support?

The SnugRide 35 Lite DLX Infant Car Seat that comes with this Travel System will not need an additional head support for use. For the safety of your child, please do not add any aftermarket products to the car seat.

Can this stroller be used for 2 babies, twins?

Our Modes Element LX travel system can only be used for one child. The stroller does not covert into a double stroller

(F) Is the carseat padding removable for washing or is it spot clean only?

The fabric on the car seat is machine washable; however, we recommend spot cleaning the fabric on the stroller. 

What is the frame material of the stroller?

The Modes Pramette frame is made of aluminum.

Does this system come with car seat base

This travel system does come with the car seat base! All of our travel systems and infant car seats include the base.

(I) Is the ‘infant stroller’ like a bassinet? How is it different from the other two settings?

Yes it folds down to like a bassinet! It is slightly elevated but not a lot. I’d feel more comfortable using it when the baby has head support. Overall I love this travel system!

Is this stroller good for tall parents?

Yes, I am roughly 6’2” and I have no issue pushing the stroller

(K) What’s the weight limit?

The stroller weight limit is 50 lbs. The SnugRide 35 Lite DLX Infant Car Seat weight limit is 4-35 lbs or up to 32 inches. 

since the wheels are plastic, does the stroller make a lot of nois

How strong is the clamps that connect the bed to the stroller? Im concerned how loose it might be with how fast you can change its figure.


It clicks on pretty strong, you can only remove the seats if you press certain buttons

What is the difference between the modes pramette travel system and the modes bassinet travel system? they appear very similar

The Modes Pramette and Modes Bassinet Travel Systems are very similar; the Modes Bassinet stroller seat converts to a cozy bassinet, while the Pramette stroller seat converts to a true pram when it’s in the bassinet mode. The Modes Bassinet Travel System includes a SnugRide SnugLock 35 infant car seat which lets you install the base easily in 3 steps, and the Modes Pramette Travel System includes a lightweight SnugRide 35 Lite DLX infant car seat

What is the best Graco double stroller

  • 2. Best Graco double stroller babies us

. I love this travel system. Especially the bassinet mode on the stroller. My only issue is that the bassinet leans back a little bit. The car seat is very nice and the strap pads help keep baby’s head upright. The stroller fits easily into my small hatchback compact car with a little room left for a few bags or groceries. Also love how big the shade things are on both and that the stroller seat is reversible.

. This car set is great it has a very nice insert that supports baby better than others would and this stroller is the smoothest riding one I’ve ever used definitely worth the buy

. Great designing and safety features. If the phone and bottle holder is fixed to the stroller by press and release, it would not be detached easily. While switching from basinet to regular form, it works great but the transition is not swift as we need a little bit of force at least in mine.

3. Graco double stroller with car seat

Graco Double Stroller.I’m very impressed with the versatility of this stroller. Adding the functionality of an attachable car seat is amazing. After assembly, I found myself trying out all the variations between the car seat base and the carriage toddler seat, which are all well thought out.

The overall construction and quality are very good, and the separate components fit together nicely, including the two canopies for added weather protection. Some advice when assembling is to look for the rear wheel clips in the red bag attached inside the clear bag.

Also, place the seat mounts facing out since they look like they could mount backward. Another trick when putting together the toddler seat canopy on is to put the metal rods through the elastic loops before attaching them. Be aware if you plan on using the stroller with an infant below six months old, you’ll need an additional insert for them to sit in it. And even if you have used car seats before, I highly recommend that you read the entire extra manual included for this one.

The extra safety steps outlined are important to understand for the protection of your child. I would recommend this stroller to anyone searching for one that was best.

5. Graco uno2duo stroller

7. How to fold Graco double stroller

For this price, this travel system has very high end features and in my opinion is an AMAZING DEAL

– LOVE the fold. First of all, it is SO EASY to fold this stroller, second of all, you don’t have to remove the toddler seat to fold which is a HUUUUUUGE plus! It makes it SO easy to fold, I even fold the stroller with the seat facing OUTWARD (which doesn’t make for the most compact fold, but I have a van), and it saves me ++time and makes my life ++ easier. So 10 stars on that easy amazing fold

  • – Okay lets just talk about how the car seat clicks RIGHT into this stroller. This travel system = a fancy bassinet stroller + a car seat/snap base frame in ONE. Because if you are more the snap in base kind of mom, the frame of this stroller does JUST that. So if you are going to a quick doctors apt and want to keep baby in car seat, you just leave the SAME stroller in the car and snap the car seat right in. YOU ONLY NEED ONE STROLLER AND THIS IS IT!!!!!! (Without a stroller like this, I have two strollers in my car, one regular stroller for out and about, and one frame attachment for the car seat). I love this feature so much!

– BASSINET – we have GOT TO TALK. This bassinet is literally nothing short of brilliant. BECAUSE. You don’t have another PIECE!!! It is all part of the same system. This is the most brilliant thing I have ever seen. My 7 month old – like most 7 month olds (i think) sleeps in a crib flat on her back. Do you think she naps well in a car seat? She doesn’t because she cant move around and get comfy so yes maybe she nods off 20 minutes but she does NOT have a good long nap. On every outing I went with my kiddos

– I took this stroller and this little 7 month girl was watching the world and when I saw she was tired, SNAP, I flattened it into a bassinet, WITH HER IN IT – and off she went to dreamland, – FOR TWO HOURS!!! Have you every heard of something more convenient in your life??????? I seriously have not. This is the MAIN selling features on this stroller for me. I don’t need to schlep the separate bassinet attachment anywhere, it is BUILT in. (see picture)

– this stroller has all the main features any mom is looking for in any stroller (and then plus some). Big basket – great, amazing, perfect. Reversible Toddler seat – great, amazing, perfect. Window canopy to peak at your kiddo – great amazing, love that it isn’t a Velcro closure because those are LOUD and wake sleeping baby so I like that it isn’t Velcro. Big large beautiful canopy – great, amazing, perfect.

Wheels were smooth and stroller pushed amazing – great, amazing, perfect no complaints. 5 point harness, great, amazing, perfect, no complaints.
– Color – beautiful. This stroller seriously looks high end. My friends were SHOCKED that this brand new stroller I got was Graco because it looks extremely high end. +++

– all the buttons to adjust this stroller were smooth and easy to use (flip the seat from front to back, click in car seat, adjust foot pedal, etc)

– Car seat system ++Easy to use, completely in love with the click connect system, absolutely NO complaints. Perfect in every way.
Hope you liked this article and proved to be very useful for you. Thank you for reading.

Top rated Graco Travel System

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